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Good morning world! Alfie has snuggled up with me like this alllll night bless him ❤️
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Good Vibes HERE

You can tell you and Elliott(?) live each other, I think it's amazing you're trying for a baby. I know you'll be the best parents.x

Thankyou that means a lot to us it realy does. Thankyou! Xx

why are you going back into childcare and leaving hairdressing?

I like it but it’s a very very challenging job. My hearts just with child care. I would rather use my passion for hair as a talent and not as a job title xx

I'm expecting a baby boy in ten weeks! It is the best possible gift. Good luck. xxx:)<3

Aw good luck! Hope all goes well xxx

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…And please remember that you were beautiful before he told you that you were.

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